Continuing a Legacy

Bob Proctor, Danielle's mentor, helped millions of people recongize their spirital perfection and take back the reins of their inherent power to begin believing, acting in faith and creating the lives of their greatest desires.

Bob has created a legacy. He created a way of being, and truly lived out his mission. He inspired Danielle as she worked with him, and now it is her mission to continue his legacy and teachings to truly make this world a better place. 

About Danielle 

Danielle is one of Bob Proctor's top consultants, she has earned the Gold Pin Circle of Excellence (only 7 people in the company currently hold this pin) and is a PGI Top 1% Consultant. 

She earned Inner Circle status consecutively for the last thirteen qualifying periods. She has been quoted by some of the team at Proctor Gallagher Institute as the "self image queen". She is known for transforming her own image to create success and shows others how to do the same to gain more confidence and become more effective at sales and leadership.

Danielle is recognised by her clients as having the perfect balance of left and right brain thinking. Her science background gives her the ability to teach the Universal Laws from a scientist's perspective, as well, she has an impressive background in spiritual training, which allows Danielle to bring an intuitive and more creative approach to the boardroom. This has been extremely effective when working with sales and executive teams. She has been responsible for increasing sales for teams, companies and departments by 300-500%. She is a mentor to coaches that earn millions and it is normal for Danielle’s clients to turn their annual income into their monthly income in a relatively short period of time all by teaching them about how the mind works.  

Prosperity Codes with Danielle Amos has given me the gift of releasing the generational money stories that aren't serving me. The ability to look at them objectively and DECIDE what gets to be true for me is incredibly powerful. 

Danielle unlocked the door to rich people's mental programs and I have made the decision to take on this programming and be the Creator of my life. I now see opportunity in all I do. Money is a MAGNIFIER. It allows us to make a greater impact in the world.

My journey with Thinking Into Results has been a powerful life-altering experience. I’ve been launched into a world that I had previously believed was beyond my reach or was only for those more fortunate. 

The program encourages you to “dream like a child who knows no limitation”! Once I internalized that I could have, be and do ANYTHING, those things started to unfold before my eyes. As a result, I experienced profound changes both personally and professionally. I am grateful knowing that I control my destiny!