2-hours to activate your potential and thrive, no matter what.

This life changing virtual event will guide you to discover your true potential, connect to your true desires within, and give you the tools to finally stop settling and step into the woman you came here to be.


01  |    Understand your truth - you will discover who you are meant to be in this life

02  |    Activate (or re-activate) the desire within YOU for more - more results, more love, more life... whatever it is for YOU

03  |    Reprogram your vibration to be a match for your goal achieved - you attract what you are a vibrational match for

Do you know that voice inside? 

It could be a loud voice or it could just be a whisper, but it tells that you are made for more. Through this life changing event you will connect to your truth within and understand who you truly are… 

" testimonials "

The changes I have had in my lifetime through being in this program are some of the most wonderful things that have happened to me. I am forever grateful for increasing my awareness about myself and all that’s around me. I know fully that I can do, be, and have anything I want with utilizing this work as it’s taught. I am overly enthusiastic about what’s to come. I know my power and it only gets stronger from here on out. Also, the peace this work brings you is fabulous. 


I feel that Danielle's program is an excellent system for anyone who wants to create discipline in their lives and level up their income and step into your dream life. I found this program to be very clearly laid out, and filled with incredible nuggets of Gold. Danielle is a very gifted coach for those looking to level up their income and lifestyle. This program gave me the opportunity to take a clear look at my own life and begin the process of opening my mind up to dream again.


Hi! I'm Danielle 

I'm a self made mulit-multionaire, and entrepreneur, a coach and a mentor. Famous for saying "I wrote her and I become her", as I transformed my life through self image and mindset. 

I was over a hundred thousand dollars in debt, sabotaging myself and my relationships and one day I decided that enough was enough. 

I invested in myself (without having the money or time) and in within six months I tripled my income, and the following year resolved the debt. Within a couple of years I was earning $100K a month and now beyond.

I used the material I now coach to become one of Bob Proctor's top consultants, and in his later years he mentored me directly to be one of his proteges. 

I am committed to my mission of transforming lives, letting people know that they do not need to settle. There is another way. You can learn to Master your Mindset to be, do or have anything you want. Anything you desire! 

I am dedicated to normalizing wealth and big money in the hands of women and have already created through mentorship over a dozen millionaires and many more to come. Are you next?!
ACTIVATE what you desire