The Self Made Woman

September 27-October 1, 2021 @ 10am EST 


There is a shift happening right now.

The Self Made Woman is rising.

It is becoming more and more common to see very wealthy women who are self-made. In the past, if we saw a woman with a big diamond ring that we asked “what does her husband do?”. Or if she is driving a nice car, we assume her daddy bought it for her. 

This is no longer the case. 

The Self-made Woman is here.

The world is ready for HER.

The world is ready for YOU to become Self Made.

Over the five-day Masterclass, you will discover:

- Who you are when you are living in alignment to your truth

- To cut off all other options - “if it is meant to be, it’s up me”

- How to let go of comparison and judgements of others and have the confidence to be YOU

- The shifts that result from changing your beliefs about money

- A gratitude practice that is guaranteed to change your life within 2-8 weeks

This is for you if:

- You didn’t grow up with lots and lots of money

- You weren’t offered a legacy from your parents

- And yet...YOU KNOW you are made for more

- You desire to have it all

Over the Five Days...

Day 1 - Making the Decision

Decide that you are self-made, if it is meant to be, it is up to you. Let go of the old paradigms and discover to live based off of your desires. 

Day 2 - Creating Your Vision

Define who you are as self-made. Your goals, vision and self image - you get to have it all!

Day 3 - Leading Yourself

Start acting as if now. Discovering the courage to lead yourself and have the strength and persistence that is necessary to go against the grain and stand out.

Day 4 - Feminine Power

Learn about the feminine energetics around money to make the necessary money shifts to become a Self Made Woman.  

Day 5 - Living Your Truth

You are able to see the bigger picture and you are clear on what you want. You have found your community and are ready to attract what you need in order to achieve your goal.

I loved all of Becoming. The tips Danielle gave in the 'VIP Room' were so helpful to me. I know I am meant for more. Ooh and all of the interviews. All of them were so good. I pictured myself being interviewed by Danielle! Soon!!

Being HER is a choice I get to make every day. It feels amazing to confidentially go after my goals and hold myself to the high standards that I deserve. I am worthy of my goals!

About Danielle 

Danielle Amos is a Business and Success Coach, a top Certified Proctor Gallagher Institute consultant, motivational speaker, lifestyle entrepreneur, and host of Prosperity Practice Podcast. 

Danielle is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and sales professionals all over the world that prosperity and success are truly about energy and she is on a mission to help thousands create financial abundance through the power of thought and intentional action with a proven system of success. 

Over the past decade, Danielle has taken internationally renowned personal growth programs with Bob Proctor, Landmark and Tony Robbins and is currently studying as the protege of Bob Proctor with Bob himself. As a protege of Bob Proctor, best known for his role in the hit movie “The Secret”, Danielle has taken what she has learned from her one-on-one coaching with Bob and has used it to serve hundreds of clients, virtually, from around the world, and thousands of audience members both locally and internationally. 

With her experience in hospitality and event management, sales, network marketing, and personal development, combined with her extensive study of the laws that govern our universe, Danielle has applied her knowledge to not only transform her own life but has made teaching this material her mission to help others bridge the gap, from what they already know how to do, to actually doing it with ease. Success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy, it is a system and Danielle knows and understands how the system works, and she’s only just getting started! 

Corporations around the world spend millions of dollars teaching their staff and executives to know more, they do not teach them how to implement what they already know. Danielle teaches individuals to take responsibility for their current results, recognizing that they are not doing what they know to do and she takes her audience to the root cause of why they get stopped, inspiring them to know and believe that they have the power to change their mindset in order to create the success they dream of!